In need of a loan? Need to hire a machine or equipment? Want to make a hire purchase of any material or machine? These requests won’t be provided at a snap of the finger. Maybe because of business policies or company policies or perhaps personal issues of trust and loyalty, people will require you to go extra miles to prove your willingness or trustworthiness towards keeping your part of an agreement. This leads to the need for a guarantor. Opting for guarantor loans is the best option.

A guarantor is an individual of reputation who is highly responsible. Does he/she take responsibility for a loan collected by another individual who used him as a guarantee of the individual eventually fails to pay? He is a co-signer when the credit is being requested because they also pledge their assets if the original debtor doesn’t pay up theirs will be liquidated.  A guarantor could also be called a surety.

Conditions of being a guarantor

Anyone can’t just be presented as a guarantor. Probably you need a loan for business or building or even want to hire purchase a vehicle, and a guarantor is requested. Can you go pick up anyone? Certainly not. To be a guarantor, you must have a net worth in cash more than the amount you are involved in. Must have a residential address where he can be found anytime. Must have family members that are accountable for him in case he’s not available. The person providing a guarantor must have a relationship with the individual he’s presenting as a guarantor, and that should be a credible relationship. Know more here!

Being a guarantor requires more than signing the dotted lines. You are not just responsible for the agreement of paying in case of breach of contract or failure but also responsible to an extent on the whereabouts of the individual. The individual can be reported to you in case of any misbehavior for you to call him to order. Being a guarantor is more like a guardian.

Bad credit

Most times, we end up borrowing a huge amount of money that we find complicated to pay back. It accumulates to bad credit. Bad credit reduces customers’ loyalty. When an individual has a poor record of repaying loans and already owing a lot and still in need of more money. A bad credit guarantor will be required in this situation. To stand as a mediator or surety assuring that the individual involved will pay the loan and failure to do that, he should be met for it. Bad credit guarantor loans require a credible guarantor for it to be released or given.

There may be loans without a guarantor; it may be loans collected by friends and family members. This loan is given out totally on trust and family bonds, but it’s not safe because chances of not paying back because of unforeseen circumstances are high. Guarantor loans are the safest kind of loads. You don’t have to bother about your money, not being paid back because the guarantor will take responsibility for that. For more details, visit: